Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Possible Artists for Research

One of the artists I have thought of researching is Andy Warhol.  Over spring break, I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  In the modern art section, there was a large piece by Andy Warhol.  It was 100 portraits of Marilyn Monroe.  Although I am not necessarily a fan of her and all the inspirational quotes incorrectly attributed to her, I do like the high contrast pictures that Warhol used.  I also like that he incorporated pop culture into his art.  I think that it makes his work more accessible to different viewers.  You do not need to search for a deep meaning to appreciate the piece.

Another artists I am considering is Salvador Dali.  I learned about his work in elementary school, and I have some vague distant memories about seeing it referenced in movies in old art classes.  I have also read articles on his perfume collection.  When I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art I also saw one of his pieces.  It caught my eye because the center of the painting appeared to be glowing.  I thought it was the way a light was hitting the frame, but upon closer inspection I saw that it was just the paint.  I thought that was amazing.

The third artist that I am considering is Henri Matisse.  My high school art class looked at some his work when we worked on collages.  I really liked his use of color in his paintings and collages because I think they feel comforting.  I also really enjoy the fluid movement in the dance.  I think his art would be really fun to emulate in my own work.

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