Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Intention Statement

With this response project, I hope to explore color, much like Matisse did during his Fauvist period.  To do this, I will be painting a self portrait (or possibly two).  I hope to do one with bright, rich colors used in some of his later work and one with lighter pastel colors like his early Fauvist work, Femme au chapeau.  I am planning on using gouache or acrylic on bristol.  Through this painting, I am hoping to see what I can get out of it by exploring the colors in relation to myself .  I will be changing the medium that Matisse worked in, partially because I do not have those materials available to me and partially because I would not be comfortable completing a final project with materials I have not had very much experience with in the past.  I will be changing the concept, since a lot of Matisse's Fauvist work focused on landscapes and did not include many self portraits.  I am modernizing his work by making my response a painting of a selfie.  The selfie is in it's own way a kind of modern art that people use as a form of self expression.  I am hoping to merge this together with older forms of self expression in an actual painting.  The project will allow me to explore aspects of myself while also exploring the work and techniques of Matisse.
It is really hard to see, but I have the outline of most of the face done

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